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The Story So Far by Meagan Sullivan on Flickr.

I wonder if it’s even possible for my lower stomach to become flat…. With all the scar tissue in there and all

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Real Friends - Loose Ends



Wingardium leviorca
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Is there such a thing as a hippy-pop-punk scene? I think I’m that.

I do not get the fashion industry. I still own and wear size 7 & 9 jeans from Hollister. Recently I went in to get some new ones for work. But turns out the sizing has changed. I am now an 11, if they’re stretchy. I find this ridiculous seeing as I walked in wearing pants from 2009 in a size or two smaller than they are now selling.
An 11 is the second to largest size they sell. This is them saying that I am essentially the biggest they want people in their clothes. I am in no way fat. I also am in no way a twig. Luckily I don’t care about the number, as long as it’s comfy. But this isn’t the case for everyone. There are girls who think they are “obese” because their friends are wearing 2s and they have to wear 10. When in reality that gap isn’t as crazy as it is made them believe.
I hate the media and fashion industry for this reason. They made people believe they need to be smaller than they are. That they are imperfect no matter what they do.
Ugh and I still can’t find anywhere to find pants that actually fit.

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Like I Can // Sam Smith 

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me and billy were jokingly fighting about having a travel competition. who can go to the cooler place and do the coolest thing.

i told him its not fair because he LITERALLY can climb mountains. 

and i have to compete with is that i love animals and want to hangout with them all. 

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